Monday, January 14, 2008


I have been tagged by Katie. The rules are...
1. Share five random facts about myself or....
2. Share five places I would like to visit or...
3. Share five things I did not see in my future when I was 25....
then tag five to ten other people.
I am going to make a stab at #3.

It is so hard to narrow down all the things that I didn't forsee when I was 25, but here goes:

1. Here's a biggest one - I didn't forsee losing my Dad when I was 30. For some reason I just always thought that he'd be with us. It happened so suddenly and even as the fourth anniversary of his death approaches it still seems so raw to all of us who loved him.

2. I didn't imagine that I would still be living in Missoula, Montana. I was the one in my family that everyone thought would never do something crazy like, move away from Maine...away from family. At 25, ironically enough, I was traveling around with a production company to places like Bolivia, New Zealand, Iceland, Alaska... I was living large fly fishing, running and mountain biking in the mountains and didn't realize that with every additional day, week, month I stayed in Montana, it would eventually become too much of a treasured place to ever leave.

3. I didn't forsee getting married. I always thought it would be something that I would do way down the road - when I eventually moved back to know, meet a good Maine boy and settle down near family! When I was 25 I met Jeff at a motorcycle safety course, and that is when this thought first started to creep into my head that it was possible, earlier than I expected. I feel so lucky.

4. I didn't imagine having biological children when I was 25 - I had been thinking for quite a while that I would want to adopt children at some point in the distant future. Since the road trip out west 10 years ago, I was still sowing my wild oats! I didn't have time to think about children - I was a child myself. After Dad died I started to have this strong desire to have my own child. Jeff and I are expecting our first child this July.

5. I didn't forsee having all the worries about the people I love, as I do today, and I'm afraid it is just the beginning (see #4). At 25 I was pretty self-centered. Not that I didn't worry about my people then....just a lot less. When you are jet setting around the world you don't have time to think about the happiness in everyone elses' lives. You mainly think about your own. I really dislike this 'worrying' quality about myself, and I need to work on it.

Since I don't reach out over the world wide web I don't have many blogging friends... but, I am going to tag Angel, Art, Nicole & Anne Marie! Enjoy!

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