Saturday, January 26, 2008

Skagit's Pack

While I was on my trip to Maine at the beginning of month Jeff signed Skagit up with GO FETCH. Go Fetch is a company in town that takes your dog out for the day with a pack of other dogs into the mtns for exersize. I think I was distracted when we spoke while I was away because I thought he signed up for one day a month for three months....well, it is one day a week for three months!

It has ended up working out really well for both of us since she gets to socialize with totally different dogs than we usually hang out with, and gives me a chance to either have a guilt free & focused day of work, or a chance to go out without her:0(

The Go Fetch bus comes into the driveway and pick her up on Tuesdays around 11am and drops her off around 5pm. It is a great service that I'm excited about getting involved with since - once the three month period is over we can decide whether to just sign up for random days here and there (like, if I'm ever away without Jeff again) or right after we have this babe in July! We love Go Fetch - and Skagit does too. Everytime the neighbor guy (who is a trucker) starts up his truck, or the garbage man comes by Skagit's ears perk and she runs to the front door....thinking it is Go Fetch. She is so cute...someday soon she'll be able to decipher the noise correctly, but it is too new, right now.

One time I was here when the bus came in and there were already 8 dogs in the bus, and 6 more to pick up after Skag. A 15 dog 1 person hike! That sounds fun!

Here's our 60 lb baby. She got sliced by a cross country ski the other day when we were up Pattee Canyon. Poor, baby...
Jeff thought she might be a little chilly up at the lake today so he lent her his Filson coat for a while.

We had to walk into the lake cabin today, since we hadn't been up in almost 6 weeks adn there was two feet of snow in places! I tried to shovel - but it was a fruitless effort. Jeff had the great idea of getting a sled on the way out of town to bring our things into the cabin. It worked great.
Views of the porch with snow.

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Angel said...

Wow look at all that snow!! I had no idea there was that much snow up there! How very exciting!! I haven't seen that much snow in SO long! Looks like a fun trip!