Thursday, January 24, 2008

Primal Quest Montana 2008 - How bittersweet it is!

I know some of you already know this but, before I discovered I was pregnant I was planning to race in Primal Quest 2008. These plans quickly diminished when I found out that my due date is July 3rd...and the race is set to take place between June 28th - July 2nd. It would just be impossible...

I was coming to grips with this fact - when, on my birthday last month, I received this newsletter in my inbox. It came as quite a devastating blow that it was going to be in Montana (In the Big Sky area)....after all these years of racing and it seemed a big race was never destined to come to the state. It is so ironic that it would take me getting pregnant to have it here...and I can't participate. And most likely won't be able to get down there to Big Sky to root for some of my AR friends because of the closeness to my due date.

I have had a little over a month to mourn my non-participation in this race, and now I finally feel like blogging about it. In that time I have also spent a month getting excited about another Big Adventure race in my life ~ starting this July (and probably the biggest one of my life!)! The epic adventure of parenthood ~ Jeff and I are on a two-person co-ed team to make it all work! I'm not sure of our team name yet. We'll have to work on that.

So, in the time I have had to ponder it, I realize there will be other Adventure Races, and I fully plan to be in them (next summer 2009), but this race (parenthood) is our number one plan.

I am, however, scheming about small local races that I enjoy participating in (Peaks to Prairie). I have done the 75 mile course solo in past years, but currently I'm trying to see if I can convince some other gals to be on a team with me. I would be up for the 43 mile bike leg - & maybe the 22 mile paddle (if my belly fits comfortably in the kayak)- but I'm just not real sure about the 10 mile run on pavement...since I will be 7 1/2 mo pregnant...and that sounds like NO FUN! If you know of anyone who is interested - let me know!

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