Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One small step for a cook.....one giant leap for a vegetarian!

Inspired by Katie's blog today - Jeff and I had chili for dinner tonight, since sometimes I struggle with what to make! Instead of adding the 2 lbs of ground beef the recipe called for, and instead of the usual vegetarian chili substitute (beans), I added 1 lb of ground elk meat. Jeff just got his elk meat back last week from the meat guy...and I did something that I haven't done in 16 years...I ate meat! Instead of seperating my vegetarian chili from his meat chili, we both got a dish from the same batch! The elk meat batch!

I know that it might sound like a strange decision to come to after all this time - but it was something that I had been thinking about for a long long time. Since Jeff and I have been together I always said to him that I would like to try elk (if he ever brought any meat home from any of his hunting trips), and that I might like it since it is a very lean meat, and knowing that the animal had a healthy/free life (up to the point of his death, anyway!) in the wild. And the outcome was good - I'm still not sure if my body knows quite what hit it yet, but I'll have to let you know tomorrow....but the first reaction is pretty good! I'm not sure I will be a regular elk eater or anything, and I hope that Jeff is not getting his hopes up - it was just something I wanted to try atleast once, and it was quite good masked in the other ingredients in the chili tonight.

I don't think will be trying an elk burger or an elk steak anytime soon, folks! I might, however, choose to fear factor some moose meat down sometime when the opportunity arises. I have always been curious about it, as well.

Here are some pictures of where Mr Elk roamed (and called his "Home") near Two Dot, Montana. What a story he must have...

Jeffrey Lee spotting some of his favorite animals - ELK.

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