Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3 pups, 2 dogs, & 2 gals all in 1 Super-duper Subaru!

Early yesterday morning I met my friend Lisa for a little morning hike. Normally we meet at a trailhead - but since her husband Erik was using the family car we decided to meet at her house and everyone scrunch into my Suby.

Shhhhhhh - don't tell Jeff!!!!!!!!! He would be mortified if he knew where all these dogs fit and the amount of hair they left behind (I already vacuumed since we are leaving to go out of town today! hee hee)

First I loaded Skagit, which is never a problem since she knows that we are going somewhere (and hopefully somewhere that she can run!). Then we picked up Sonny-boy across the street! He was pretty psyched. Then the three of us picked up Jetta (Skag's sister - the Brauer's dog) since she hasn't been out for a hike for a couple weeks since Kathy is teaching.....When those pups (who will be 8 mo old on the 23rd of Jan) get together it is absolute pandemonium! Usually they are in a backyard or somewhere they can you can imagine what it was like in the car! Let's just say I'm lucky that I kept the car on the road. Next we picked up Lisa, Ana, and little 4 mo old Ellis! Skagit and Jetta got out of the car and ran around Lisa's neighborhood and it was so funny trying to get them to come back in the car... I swear that little Jetta can escape out of the smallest opening of a door. She's really stong willed when she wants something!

There was more craziness before we got to the Woods Gulch Trailhead, like going the wrong way (the pregnancy mind mixed with the dogs trying to hop in the front seat, stopping for gas, etc. But we made it!!!

It was a great way to start the day. On the way home we stopped at Rattlesnake Gardens for some coffee (Lisa had to stay in the car and make sure the dogs didn't do anything drastic or get in a fight in close quarters) and the lady at the counter couldn't believe that I was buying 5 dog treats....for the 5 dogs in the car! She thought we were pretty brave!

In hiking order: Ellis, Lisa, Ana, Sonny-boy, Skagit, Jetta
Treats anyone?
Ellis & Lisa on the drive home
Skag and Jetta - the Sisters
Jetta, Ana and Sonny (notice they are at the back of the bus, trying to stear clear of the pups!)

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