Friday, December 7, 2007

Tossing granola this morning...

Sounds innocent enough, right?

This morning I went running with my friend Dave for the first time since I found out I was pregnant. We planned to meet at 8am, instead of our earlier Friday morning ritual, so that I would have some time to get a little food in my system and I wouldn't feel hungry and weak during the run.

I'll take you on my journey:

We start the feels great keeping pace with another person for a change...then about three minutes in I have the urge to go to the, I bail off the side of this bank and urinate...all is good for a little while...

...until we hit the small section of pavement that we run before we get to the footbridge and the Rattlesnake trailsystem... I try to spit and suddenly my stomach makes this huge spasm and I feel something come halfway up the pipes! Oh boy... this isn't good. I motion to Dave who is a few yards ahead of me at this point and he knows something isn't quite right. He runs for a little longer and comes back for the carnage. I tell him that there is no way that I can keep jostling my stomach on the pavement with the granola and milk I had just eaten for breakfast. So, we decide that he should run one of our regular loops and I will do an out and back and meet him along the way somewhere.

I begin running again (a little slower this time and trying not to bounce too much)and start in on this chant that I just can't get out of my head "Milk, Granola, Milk, Granola..." with every step I run. My stomach is a war zone with every step, too! Ewww the thought of milk was just too much for me to take. By the time I run across the footbridge and Dave is out of my field of vision I toss my granola (and milk!) over the river bank! There is nothing that feels better than a good puke! After about three vomits I'm on my way, feeling better than new! I run the rest of the way, and feel like a million bucks.

I meet up with Dave just past the main trailhead and kept pace with him for the rest of our run. I slow down on the pavement a little, but all in all it is a great run.

I made him promise me that we would go a little later in the day next Friday. 2pm.

Nothing like a little self-induced morning sickness. I wanted to write about it since I'm not sure I will have any other stories of vomiting (knock on wood) through the rest of my pregnancy. I have been lucky so far, and I'm almost through the first trimester!

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