Thursday, November 1, 2007

Strange Fun on Halloween

I was talking to Mom yesterday and she was telling me that she doesn't like the Halloween holiday. She said maybe it was that David would eat too much candy and turn green, or the millions of candy wrappers found all over the house after we were done stuffing our faces full of the Halloween candy we had gathered in the neighborhood.

I have had my mixed feelings about the Halloween holiday over the years but the last few have been lots of fun. For the past few years we have had Dan and Angel's niece and nephew Miranda and Erik show up at our front door. This year they even brought their Mom and a new little brother (In the past Miranda and Erik go with Unka Dan).

And of course, Wilson has come over for the last two Halloweens. This year he actually got some candy - since he's a big boy! Hee hee!

Jeff and I got invited to go to the 1st Annual Halloween Bash (Costumes required!) at The Wilma. So he was going to dress up as a surgeon, like he did last year, I know, kinda lame, huh, but then 5 minutes before we left the house we switched costumes! It was my idea, but I was totally surprised when he agreed to it! We had to stop by the Bordners' to get a reaction. I called Jeff "Scary Nurse Betty" all night! hee he! I would not want a nurse like this!!
Jeff needed some bobby pins for his nurse's cap - so Angel helped him (her) out!

We had fun at the Wilma, and ran into some familiar characters.
We saw Michael Vick (a very white Michael Vick!) Great costume, Alan!:
And the "Deal or No Deal" girls. Jeff won a million dollars at the Wilma!
For me Halloween is the one day during the whole year you can be SILLY and you can be whoever you want to be! No matter how wacky! Although, sometimes, maybe due to where it falls in the year (when it gets dark so early in the night!), you feel like just holing up in your house and turning off all the lights and watching a movie, or calling it an early night. I embrace this holiday for all the silliness it allows (almost requires) you to bring out in yourself!

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