Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jen Bardsley Art & The Day of the Dead Parade!

Last night I met my bookclub honeys down at "All Around Art". We met to go see our friend Jen Bardsley's Art on display for the month. Missoula has a tradition of having an artist reception on the first Friday of every month. All the galleries open their doors and bring out the wine and people mingle through all the galleries and restaurants that display art, and meet the artist. In front of my favorite piece in her flower series called "Breaking Free". I love it, but my favorite favorite paintings that she does are her "Western Wild Women" and "Wildlife" pieces! You'll have to peruse her website to find them...They are very powerful! As you can tell, I'm a BIG fan! Goody, Jennifer, Jen, Lisa and Me. Then we went down to catch the "Day of the Dead" Parade which is also a growing tradition to be a part of on November 2nd each year. For those not familiar with the this day check out this website for a brief history. It is very cool and also neat that Missoula holds a tradition of a parade and the whole community participates, including the kids! I was in the parade 10 years ago when I frist moved to town, with Holli, in the African dance tribe, and they were there again this year - leading the pack as they always do.

Here's a taste:

Don't ya just love my friend Jennifer's hair, and her cutie pie, Cora!

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