Friday, October 12, 2007

Seeing Double

On Wednesday night Kathy could not join in on the sushi soiree because she was heading back from Spokane after picking up Brett's (her son) new dog - Jetta. Jetta is Skagit's sister. Kathy and Brett had been begging and pleading with John for months and months to get a dog - and I think the clincher was seeing Skagit at the tailgates a couple weekends ago. He took one look and said that he would take her sister! Jeff immediately called Kirk and Angela (Jeff's lifelong friends from Washington who's dog Ebony had the puppies)!

Anyway, long story short - SHE'S HERE in Missoula, after a long 3-pronged journey from her hometown of Sedro Woolley, WA! Including an overnight in Federal Way, WA with our friend Matt.

Skag and I went over yesterday to see her again and at first it was like seeing double. Kathy and I think that they immediately recognized each other - but then they played like old friends in the backyard and in the living room for a while.
(Jetta is the one with the red collar and leash)

(Skag is on the right)

There are some slight differences. Jetta is a little bigger with lighter eyes and a longer snout. She also has a little white blaze on her chest and some on her back paws. She is such a sweet little girl, and I have a feeling she will make the Brauers very happy!

Happiness is a dog curled up at your feet or spooning with on the living room floor!
Last night Jeff and I were on the floor with Skag between us!.. And he complains that he doesn't get as much attention with Skagit around...I don't think so, friend.

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