Wednesday, October 17, 2007

rediscovering old trails

Ok - this picture has nothing to do with this entry but it is bright and sort of reflects my mood this week - It is my centerpiece on our kitchen table. I trimmed one of our barberry bushes (which I probably shouldn't be doing this time of year) and added a branch to my sunflowers. In my favorite vase which we got as a wedding gift from Mom and Dad.

Today and Yesterday Skagit and I went over to a trail that I hadn't visited in a long time. The last time was about four years ago with my friend Erick Tombre. Anyway, it was like rediscovering an old friend. Of course, most of these trails are pretty short and the main reason you go on them is to get to the river with your Labrador or, in Erick's case, his Golden Retriever!We enjoyed it so much yesterday that Jeff went with us tonight. It is a great little walk for perspective - there are tons of tall tall poplars & cottonwoods as you near the Clark Fork River. It was a beautiful walk just as the sun was saying goodnight...

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Philigry said...

sounds like so much fun!