Friday, October 26, 2007


I guess I just wanted to write a little something about Mom! It was last year at this time that she was out for a visit to see us in Montana. We had such a great time hiking on a different trail everyday, going to a Griz Game, horseback riding with Mark, and spending some time with my friends...Oh and dressing up for Halloween. I feel so lucky that I have a mother that I LOVE spending time with, and I would go to the other side of the earth to Iceland to do a crazy bike/road trip! She has all the elements needed to make a great travel companion and dear friend.

The other day I got a couple pictures of her from her trip to St Andrews and this amazing 27 acre garden called Kingsbrae Garden. She went to St Andrews last month to commemorate she and Dad's anniversary (it would have been 36 years this year). I think it was very fitting that she visited this beautiful garden, since the trip was about she and Dad. Dad loved gardening and they cultivated many gardens together, at 69 Court Street, and out at the farm.

These were two other photos that she included in her email. A picture of her window sill as it looks today. We were talking about cairns and rocks and that Dad and I both have a "thing" for rocks. Most of these on the sill were rocks he had collected from here and there, over the years.
And this is a picture of my nephew Jack, with his uncle David, when they were home a few weekend's ago.

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Angel said...

Oh my how Jack is filling out!! Hee-hee...doesn't take those babies long!!