Friday, October 5, 2007

Jon Pinette & Team Choi #1 in the Mens Division - Racing Ahead Series 2007!!!

Congratulations, Jon! (Jon is the one on the right - with teammates Stuart Lander and Adam Smith)

I just wanted to announce that Jon (my cousin, well, sort of my cousin, he's my cousin Sue's husband!) and his team placed first in the men's division in this year's Racing Ahead Series, and from what I can tell 2nd place overall!!!! Pretty amazing considering Jon has been racing for only two years.

For those who don't know what this Adventure Racing series is visit the Racing Ahead Website. It's a series of races in New England, including Mountain Biking, Running/Hiking, Paddling, and Navigation. There were four races in total; two 6 hr races, a 12 hr and a 24 hr. It's really fun to check out the site and see if you can find pictures of TEAM CHOI and Jonny! He sent me a bunch and I also found some. Enjoy!

Here are the series results!

I have a dream that someday we'll do an adventure race together!!!!!

Here are some more photos:

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