Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Iceland Slideshow #1

Of course, I haven't written about our trip yet, but I put together a slideshow of the first part of the trip...as a teaser.

This slideshow is mostly for Auntie Carlene and Mom since I know that you guys read this.

For those of you that are interested in the song - it is Bubbi Morthens. We went into Reykjavik one of our last nights in Iceland on a hunt for some dancing...after searching the the entire city including a short stint in a ritzy hotel in our camping attire (thinking they would kick up out at any moment), we gave up and made our way downtown to some recommended spots. We settled on this irish type pub where this local guy was singing. It was very strange that he was singing all American tunes, but we finally dared each other to dance and when we were out there on the dance floor I pulled the singer aside after he was done singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and asked him if he knew any Icelandic songs. He said that he would sing one next. Apparently, Bubbi Morthens is sort of like our Bruce Springsteen, with lyrics that reflect a huge blue collar connection. He said that this song was the unofficial National Anthem of Iceland. It is called "Stal og Hnifur" (translated it is "Steel And Knife")

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