Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Grand Finale *! * ! * ! * ! * Which is Fall!

There is no way to truly appreciate...
...the sun without experiencing the rain,
joy without sadness,
your own strength without times of weakness,
being together without some time alone,
a song without harmony,
summer without winter,
the smell of fresh flowers in the spring without the smell of decomposing leaves in the fall,

...The Grande Finale of ALL - FALL!

I hope you are able to get outside a little and enjoy the colors - crimson, gold, brilliant oranges, and deep purples and all the colors between...the smell of that crisp fall air and the decomposing leaves that have given their last showy finale of the year, and that tell-tale crunch beneath your feet.

There is nothing like it in the WORLD - they are the sights, smells and sounds of my home in Northern Maine.


Art said...

I like that falling leaf thing - did you do that?

Ebeth said...

Yes, I staged it, and used the macro function on my camera to get the detail in the leaf. I just twirled it...what a brilliant leaf - blew in from the neighbor's yard.

Hope you are having a great week in Denver!