Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun weekend with all the signs of Fall

This past weekend our friend Matt came to town and we went to the Griz Homecoming Game. It was a little scary for a while there - but the Griz pulled off a win in the second half.
Skagit and I went on a hike in the morning, then she came to the game with us, since we were not planning on heading directly home after. We had a homecoming party to attend downtown.

She had a blast at the tailgate. She got about four million compliments, and it was fun to hear the stories that all the Lab-owners had about their dogs. Labrador Retriever lovers sure do love to talk about their dogs. There was this one lady who came up to us and said that Skagit looks exactly like her dog did when she was a pup 14 years ago. Now, they bring her to the game so they can let the ol' girl out at half time.Skagit really liked this dog's outfit!One more thing...Skagit convinced our friend John (Brauer) to adopt her sister for his son Brett. There is one puppy left in her litter, and he wants her! She is very excited!This is our friend Tarah - one of the "Sugar Bears" in the dance squad! We don't like that we can't see her as well this year since she is in the front row!We had a late dinner at a new restaurant we'd been wanting to try out "Mambos". It was very good!On Sunday while Dan and Jeff were doing some work together Angel and I took the dogs and boy (Wils) for a hike and a little dip in the river!
>Wilson and Mom had a fun time at the river, too.Skagit felt especially BIG when she got to ride in the back of the pickup with Sonny-Boy.Last night Skag was one tired pup.


Angel said...

That picture of me pushing Wilson up the hill is FUNNY!!! Thanks again for dinner E. It was very nice to hang with you three last night!! And what a GREAT dinner!!! YUMMY!

Ebeth said...

Matt really enjoyed meeting you all last night. It only makes sense that he finally spend time with you guys since you are such a BIG part of our lives.

Yes, those pics are pretty funny. I especially like the shot of you and Wilson strolling down the trail toward me. The look on your face describes the day perfectly!