Thursday, October 4, 2007

a closer look at something spectacular

It is no secret that I am a nature lover.

I have a reminder of this everyday as I hike or bike in the woods. Lately, because of Skagit, hiking has been my mode of travel.

This morning I saw one of my favorite things...a Ponderosa Pine. For some reason I'm drawn to photographing bark, especially ponderosa bark. Call me crazy, but there is something so perfect, puzzle-like, intricate about the way this bark was planned. Next to aspen and birch this is my most photographed tree over the years.

In this spot there were several huge ponderosas. Even one that had gotten struck by lightning but still proudly stands tall at the edge of the meadow. They have been around for a long long time and have seen much in the eye of time.

Skagit and I took some time to stop along the trail to photograph and admire all the work that went into the planning of this natural wonder.

Here are some pine cones that had fallen from the giant pine. How WONDER-ful! It's funny the things that can fill up my soul when I take the time to look around.

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