Thursday, September 13, 2007

Skagit's many friends

For a tiny little being, Skagit sure has her share of friends already.

This morning Skagit, Sonny, and Lucy and I went up Sentinel for the third time since she's been with us. It is a Thursday morning tradition, you know.

She really wanted me to take her picture overlooking Missoula this morning. So, I did.

Then the three of them played the same game as last week - "Who's tongue can hang down the longest?"

We go to Skagit's favorite local river (the Bitterroot) all the time...

And she found this new friend named Moses who she treated more as a "hurdle" than a real dog. He was pretty humored by the whole thing though.

Two weekends ago we went to the lake with the Bordners and she was introduced to her next door neighbor - Fernie.

Tuckered out...

Working on that Labrador "LOOK"

Here are the "Three Musketeers" on Sentinel last week...

Skagit is shaping up to the be the best dog of all time! Although Jeff is not real happy with the sloppy drinking on the wood floors!

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