Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mama Black Bear and Cub | Bookclub | Fried Green Tomatoes

Ok - why is it always I forget to bring my camera - when I get a rare sighting on the trail!?

This morning at McClay Flat we were walking along briskly (Skag and Me) and heard what I thought was a buck's horns hitting the brush as he scurried out of the area upon our arrival...Well, it wasn't a buck! We spooked a Mama black bear and her cub enough that she treed herself and her babe followed close behind. It was really really cool.

I have never seen a bear in the McClay Flat before area so I posted a couple signs to warn other hikers before we left. It was a beautiful morning on the trail.


Last night we had bookclub and as usual, I didn't read the book. Shame on me. Three out of eight of us read it.

We met over at our friend Jen Bardsley's house and she started off by showing us her new studio that she set up in the basement. Jen is a very talented artist and we are so very glad to have her back in Montana! She was gone for a year in Finland while her husband was on exchange through a University in Helsinki.

Jen had a wonderful spread of treats and I brought over a cake for Lisa's belated birthday and because I just thought she could use a pick-me-up since Sapa (one of her dogs) is sick. Chocolate is sometimes the best medicine. I tried my sis-in-law Katie's recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake and added my own little cocoa, and by using Ghiardelli chocolate (1/2 semi sweet | 1/2 bittersweet). My Bookclub Honeys are so worth it!!! It was delish!

It was so great to be together again. I missed everyone over the summer months.


Since we had so many green tomatoes on the vine out back I decide that tonight for dinner we would have Fried Green Tomatoes! I called Grammy Folsom to get the directions on how to do it. It was such a great side dish. Thanks Gram!

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