Thursday, September 20, 2007

The little things we "put off" in life.

OK - I can think of a million little things that clog my brain on a daily basis...and some of these things I could prevent if I just GOT THEM DONE.

Yesterday while talking with Keri I brought up this subject....With my car alone, there are a few things that I have been putting off repairing that are so very annoying! Every time I walk up to my car and push my little clicker thingy I wonder 'will it work, this time?'. Of course, most of the time it doesn't. It's not the battery - it's just old and decides to work at the strangest times (like when it is in my pocket and I scooch down to get something). Another thing that I need repaired is my rear-view mirror. It is loose and every time I hit even the slightest pothole in the road it moves down and is aimed so all that I can see is my backseat. You can just imagine how it is completely rendered useless on forest service roads and dirt roads to various trailheads I find myself at often. I need to get my car deep cleaned, too. It needs to be hired out - that's how bad it is - a household vacuum and cleaners will NOT be sufficient. It is full of caked on dog hair, old puke remnants on the backseat (yes, that's right folks), empty bottles, random parts and pieces to equipment, wrappers, old coffee cups, etc.

Oh, and one other thing, relating to my car - I have been driving without a driver's license for about a month since my return from Iceland. My license was lost along with my wallet in London. Luckily I have been behaving myself on the road and haven't gotten pulled over yet.

What's the holdup you ask? I don't have an answer for you. Maybe I figure my husband will take care of some of these issues (then I realize her has his own little things he's been putting off with his own vehicle)? I have to give him credit he replaced my windshield while I was away in Iceland (that was on my to-do list before - for 4 years!) Sometimes I think - Maybe the problem will go away if I just get on with my day? Who knows... All I know is - I have to do something about these little things - because they're starting to add up. And these are things that I have been putting off just with my car....there are others, I'm sure. Like those flip flops I have been meaning to return to Old Navy since June...etc. etc.

I thought maybe if I write them on this blog it will make me more accountable for getting these things on my "to do" list done! In fact, I'm going to call Subaru right now and order a new clicker! How 'bout that!

On the other side of the subject "The little things we "put off" in Life". There is one thing that I NEVER put off and that is telling the family and friends that I love and appreciate them. I think that is the worst thing you could ever put off. You never know what is around the next bend. I'm blessed to have grown up in a family that has never been afraid to say I love you.

See, I have my priorities straight, atleast!

Have a great day - and get one of those things on your "TO DO" list done today! I'm going to!


Anne said...

Good reminder, Elizabeth!
By the way, what did they say at Subaru???
Latest update from Iceland: It is getting colder....but we have a vast supply of hot springs - come winter!
Anne Marie

Ebeth said...

Anne Marie - I did get that clicker last Thursday! And my rearview mirror fixed while I was at it! Did you get a package in the mail yet? I hope it makes it there.... Talk with you soon, Anne Marie!!!!!!!!