Monday, August 6, 2007

Where do we begin...

Its been three days since our last entry - beginning this excellent adventure in Reykjavik. There were many trials and tribulations just getting out of the city on our bikes. It was not as biker friendly as we thought it was. My mechanic skills (which aren´t that great to begin with) were tested to the LIMIT. We had drag issues, brake issues, tire issues, language barriers, but we persevered and met some wonderful strangers along our way (Stæni, Frosti, Gunnar, Kai, Sandra, and more).

We went from plan A to Plan B to plan Q in about 24 hours... We´ll have to fill you in later, but lets just say the wind almost blew us into the ocean at one point (you´ll see the video soon).

I can´t tell you how difficult it was to bring up the rear and see especially my Mother and my Aunt struggle in the Friday traffic on highway 1 out of Reykjavik. it was something that they had never experienced before. We got honked at. It was as if we were not even considered as the Icelanders from Reykjavik raced out of town for their holiday weekend (like our Labor Day Weekend). We were much relieved when we finally arrived at our first campsite at 9:30 pm in Mosfellsbær.

OK - Lets not beat around the bush....The next day My bike and Kathy´s blew off in the wind, in hurricane (insert video footage here, later) conditions. I have been biking for years and I have never experienced anything like this crosswind on highway 1. At this point Mom and A Carlene had already hitchhiked into Reykjavik with a complete stranger (Gunnar)to rent a car for themselves. We were to continue on in the madness... Hurricane winds put an end to our dream of biking in Iceland. We were torn apart and literally hit a cement wall (installed in order to help drivers pull over for protection. Mom and Aunt Carlene drove behind us only to find a few minutes down the road two girls plastered to the wall after being blown off our bikes and into the road into oncoming traffic (we thought we were going to die). So, we left all the bikes at a campground several towns ago, and now that we are though grieving about the loss of our biking trip, we are forging ahead and having a blast, and seeing much more than we would have seen if we were on our bicycles.

We never know what is around the next bend on this trip ö who knows there is still talk about climbing back on those bikes, .....we´ll keep you posted. Currently we are in a sunny Akyreyri in northern Iceland.

Keri - did you have that baby yetÞ (sorry there is no question mark on this keyboard!)

Jeff and John how is the freedom tour goingÞ

I hope the fire doing okÞ How contained is itÞ

The Girls!!!


Angel said...

Wow how things change! I bet you are having a wonderful time...much more time for conversation, laughing and just enjoying each other! I'm sad I'm not there!! Continue to post when you have time. It is great to hear from you all! We miss you!! Hope to hear more soon! = )

Keri said...

No baby yet, but I can tell he might be getting ready to make his appearance sooner than later. Sorry about all the craziness for you ladies...but it does make for good stories and blog posts! I think about you everyday! Love Keri

jeff said...

That sounds frieghtening. We had the same at home last night. Your favorite tree in the front yard blew over and snapped in two. I am thinking about going to the lake tonight, if not tonight tomorrow night for sure. I will load the kayaks, canoe and motor cycles. Jason when up to his house today, after being evacuated all week end. He was able only to gather some things and leave again. It sounds like they are trying to push the fire south and east around Placid lake instead of letting the fire run between Placid and Seeley lake and into the Double Arrow. It is the number one (worst fire) in the nation currently. Say a prayer for the tool shed.