Monday, August 13, 2007

The Southwest and the highlights of Iceland - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JOHN!

Since our last entry we have seen what was probably our favorite part of Iceland - the Southern part of Iceland and more specifically the Southwest. RIght now I´m sitting in an internet cafe in Reykjavik. I have a few more minutes to type this and this is the most comfortable keyboard that I have typed on since I left the US.

This is sort of a crazy place where everyone in this place has headphones on and is talking with someone on the Internet, while playing cyber games. THe boy next to me is saying random things in Icelandic one minute and English the next.

Anyway, I´m digressing - but it is interesting that on the most beautiful day that we have had so far that this place would be packed like this. I will have to add a pic on here once I get home. It is very interesting.

On our roadtrip the barren interior gave way to the crisp clear glacial waters of the largest glacier Vatnajokull... We walked near the glacier and saw tons of waterfalls along the road and as a backdrop to several farms along the way. It is difficult to find the words to describe the beauty of this area.

One of our favorite places was Vik (means bay) which was a place with these two magical beaches with these views of rock jutting up from the water just off land. Mom bought a sheep fur in Vik also.

After staying in Hofn for the night we did the Golden Circle which is a little self tour that you can take of three highlights of Iceland in the Reykjavik area. We saw Gulfoss, Geysir, and Pingvellir.

That next night we stayed in Akranes again. We gathered our bikes that we had left there and Kathy and I biked back into Reykjavik yesterday. We hitchhiked through a tunnel along the circle road that bikers are not allowed to use, and cruised the rest of the way in to Reykjavik in the sun. Mom and Aunt Carlene took the long way around the fjord once they saw that we got a ride and met us at the hostel.

Last ngiht we went to the Blue Lagoon and Anne Marie describes it well when she says that it is like being a baby again! We loved that!

Anyway, I guess I had better sign off for now we have to check some email. More later,

E, A, C, K

p.s. John - Happy Anniversary!


Angel said...

Sounds like the trip is winding down...It sounds as if your trip has been a wonderful life experience. As I have said before, I can not wait to hear more! E ~ I am planning a dinner for your hubby tomorrow evening...we will celebrate his b-day together! He has been a Bordner guest many times since you left...I'm so happy we are still just across the street!!!! I don't know if we can move...I think I really want to stay now!

Ebeth said...

I want you to stay too!!!!!!!!!!