Friday, August 10, 2007

South Iceland and Vatnajokull Glacier

Hi there! We wanted to catch you up with what we have been up to!

We left Akureryi yesterday from our campspot overlooking the town...headed down the road to see Dettifoss (largest volume waterfall in Europe), then into Lake Myvatn. Lake Myvatn was a place that felt like another planet (The Mad Max Movie). We experienced hotpots and this really cool place called Dimmuborgir. The other spot we liked was Namaskara. While there we hiked up this big butte (mtn made of loose rock and sand). Mom had to turn around because she had a meltdown on a rough steep slippery slope. It was a loop hike so Mom came around the other side and we met her

We also got to try Geysir Bread which was baked in the ground by thermal heat for 24 hours. AND smoke salmon which was probably cooked the same way. Kathy liked it - but it was hard for me and Mom to swallow. Carlene didn´t even attempt.

Auntie Carlene also had quite a shock when we were told we had unisex bathrooms at th campsite. She and Mom came back from their showers that night with quite story about how there was a woman with long hair drying it under the blowdryer as they were brushing their teeth and primping in the mirror.... then the woman turns around and to Aunt Carlene´s mortification she.....HE had a BEARD!!!!

We´ve had our share of combat kitchens but this night as we made dinner at 9:15pm it was such a cool experience with 10-15 languages within eachshot, and many different foods being consumed.

Yesterday was also our longest driving day since we had to put in some hours to get from Lake Myvatn to Hofn....We pulled into Hofn at about 9:30 last night in the rain. (first rain on the trip) We made dinner and met an interesting guide who showed us on the map what we should see of the glacier today. I am excited about all the waterfalls he pointed out.

I´m sure there is more...but we gotta get going. Have a great day where you are!

E, A, C, K

p.s. hope you like the images we uploaded (just found a computer that they would finally work on!)


Lois Rhodes said...

Great pictures. The ice cream reminds me of my trips to Norway-Stavanger has the best ice cream!


Anne said...

I liked the comment about Norwegian ice cream! :-)
Good pictures - and good to hear that you are having a great time in Iceland!

Angel said...

Sounds like you are still enjoying yourselves! I can't wait to hear more details!! hee-hee! Love to all!