Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A new meaning for the word ADVENTURE

We made it to Reykjavik last night at about 1am....and got to bed at about 4am this morning at the hostel that we are staying at.

Besides not having two of the four bags - things are going exceptionally well. On one of the airlines we got some socks and i'm glad I saved them since I am using them for extra warmth since arriving in Reykjavik.

Mom and Carlene get here tonight on a flight from Boston.

I can't wait to get those other bags so that we can have the tools that we need in order to put the bicycles together. They will most likely be here on the flight tonight and be delivered first thing in the morning.

We went up into Hallgrimskirkja this afternoon and this picture is the view that you can see from up at the top. Oh, and how could I forget (Kathy just reminded me as we sit here typing)...we had a taste of the largest mammal on earth....whale sushi. Oh gosh, I can't believe the vegetarian took a big bite of that!!!!! Kathy made me do it - said we might never have the opportunity again. It may be the only place that it is actually legal. What might tomorrow have for an adventure...Well, I'm sure that it will include two more adventurous women!

The weather today was gorgeous - blue bird sky and 55 Farenheit...a far cry from 105 in Missoula....

p.s. Lois, the church that we took the picture from has a statue of Leif Erikson in front of it. The US gave it to Iceland as a gift in 1930. Kathy thought you would get a kick out of that.


Angel said...

Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time!! I love that you are keeping us up to date!!! I'll be praying for those bags!! Love you ladies!!!!!

Keri said...

I am keeping track of you ladies and loving all the updates! Whale sushi, eh!? WOWZA! Keep us posted on all your fun! love keri

Angel said...

E ~ I heard about the missing wallet...oops...I hope everything comes out okay with that! You know every trip needs something to give it that extra "something"! Hopefully that was it! = ) Love Yas! Tell all the ladies we say HELLO!!

Ebeth said...

I´m so glad I´m over the wallet thing. THank goodness for Kathy. Mom and Auntie Carlene are all set and have their panniers all packed! Heading out in about an hour! Thanks for checking in on us! Love E

Art said...

Great picture of the monument - hope the bags come in! I know your having a blast despite all of the chaos. Need some sleep? Seems kind'a like an adventure race!

By the way, I got a nice subscription email this morning, so it's working.