Friday, August 3, 2007

Heading out of Reykjavik in about an hour!

Well, we are all packed and ready to go! We are heading north to Akranes....and possibly farther today. We´ll see what happens. We woke up to a crazy windy morning this rained off and on also...but it is ok weather to start out with.

We have a little angel that we have met on our trip already her name is Anna Maria and she is the pastor of this Salvation Army Church that is right next to the hostel guesthouse that we have been staying.

This morning I had probably the worst breakfast in history. It is so difficult to describe this tiny hostel kitchen that we have access to, but yesterday Kathy and I went to get some groceries for the trip and we found this package of breafast stuff that we thought looked like oatmeal that we could add warm water to and it would be delish. NOpe! It was horrible and everyone else choked it down but when I tried mine - I blurted out the obvious - and Mom, A Carlene, and Kathy all agreed that it was, too. Kathy said that it might be our last meal so you´d better suck it down. I threw mine in the garbage. I´m currently surviving on coffee and a piece of cake.

We will probably come back shadows of our former selves from this trip. The kitchen is a combat zone where you have to guard your goodies. I grabbed a box of coffee that Kathy brought on the trip out of this stanger´s greedy hands, who was just about to take some of our sweet coffee nectar. THat is our staple nowadays....since everything is SO expensive here.

Paul - Hello! Love Carlene

Gerry, we used your converter last night! WOrked great, thank you!, Astrid.

Gram (Mom), we sure have been talking about you a lot this morning. Realizing you would be getting quite a kick out of us at this kitchen table at the hostel...and getting our getting our gear together for the trip!

We´ll write more when we can! You can also send us email at

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Angel said...

I'm assuming you have received all the missing bags? Wishing you all lots of luck on your 1st days journey! Have fun ladies!!
XOXOXO ~ Angel