Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to say happy birthday Jeffrey!! I hope you have a great time over at the Bordners´ house! I wish I were there with you! Did you get my delivery? (yipee!!! I finally found the question mark after two weeks of being here!)

Anyway, I also wanted to report that Kathy got her very first bee sting while sitting at an outdoor cafe yesterday.

This is our last night in Iceland and we got suggestions from a native for a nice, yet, sort of off-the-beaten-path type restaurant... We are very excited about that.

Mom and AUntie Carlene are heading out in the morning at 6:30am to catch their 10:00 flight. Kathy and I have a flight at 4:10 to London and we are bracing ourselves for the journey home with the coffins (as Mom calls them) and the body bags. We have decided to tell people that we are traveling home from a film shoot in Iceland and all the gear is cameras and equipment. Hee heeeeee.

OK - gotta run - happy hour at the Salvation Army is over we have to get going now. We´ll write more on the way home at the airport.

bless! (goodbye in Icelandic)


Angel said...

Wishing you all a safe journey!! Can't wait to see you Montana girls!!

Keri said...

Have a safe trip home, Ladies! I can't wait to hear of your safe return...with those coffins and body bags!! ha ha