Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fall is in the air...and there is a brand new soul in the world - Parker Andrew Link!

Last night I went on hike with Skagit and Sonny Boy up Blue Mountain. I hadn't been on this particular trail since before I left for Iceland so I was curious how it would look and how Skagit would like it. It is the horse trail on the north side of Blue Mountain Road.

It was warm enough last night to take my shirt off but the low brush under the trees has turned red (and fall-like) with the dry smokey air we have had this month. With September around the corner I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things about this season. First and foremost, the dissolving of this smoke in the Missoula and surrounding valleys.

It was such a great evening stroll, and in between tripping over Skag I dreamed of the day that she could run effortlessly with Sonny and I. I walked and savored the feeling of being back where I belong - in the woods. I'm sure this picture doesn't do it justice - but the way that the trees and their shadows and the light played around together during our walk was pure magic... and I came home high.

There is some other VERY IMPORTANT news to report! My friends Keri and Myles had their sweet little baby boy on Monday the 27th of August, 8:54pm, 7 lb 1 oz, and he is 20 3/4 inches long. His name is Parker Andrew Link. Welcome to the world beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!! Mama and Baby are healthy and happy today!

Also I had to include these picture of my nieces and nephews! David sent me these yesterday. The first was taken at Grammy Astrid's house on William's 3rd Birthday Saturday August 18th! I can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving!

The whole family (besides Jeff and I) were home for Jamie York's wedding (Jamie might as well be family - I have known him since he was born). Anyway, everyone expected a beautiful warm day - but instead it was in the 50s. So, Mom pulled out some old sweaters and the one that is on Jack in this picture is Frank's from when he was a baby. Aunt Linda made it for him.

Anna was the bartender at the wedding.....just kidding...I can see this picture being used in some fun way in the future (maybe a Highschool gradutaion card? heee hee)

These pictures above were sent from Frank and Katie this past week - Anna is quite the fashion model. Her Mama Katie has become an amazing seamstress in a matter of months and has a successful business doing custom work.

William eating his birthday cake!

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