Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fabulous Fun on the Fjords in Northern Iceland

Today we rode Icelandic Ponies for two hours, on the most beautiful day we have experienced yet, in Iceland. Apparently it is the nicest day of the summer according to the locals. I´m not sure what the temperature was here in Akureyri. We got some great pictures and some great footage - but unfortunately even though we went to a 1 hr photo to get some of our stuff put on cd.

I need to go play my turn at Malice (a card game that Kathy taught us last night) so I´m going to turn it over to Kathy for a paragraph. I did want to quickly announce that I will be an auntie to a baby GIRL. Genevieve found out today that she and Jimmy are expecting a GIRL in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy writing this - Tomorrow we are headed out to lake Myvatn to see the biggest waterfall in Iceland - should be fun! We are enjoying all the different goodies that we are finding at the grocery stores. We need veggies tho so are going to try to make a big salad for lunch tomorrow. Still can´t believe how fun the Iceland pony ride was - and beautiful! The video we took is hilarious! We also got a twofer (we got to ride for 2 hours instead of one) because one other rider that joined us had paid for 2 hours. ok , it´s my turn at cards so í´m handing this back over to Elizabeth.

Right now it is 10:15pm and the sun is low in the horizon. It is a beautiful sky...

We are staying one more night in Akureyri then heading out in the morning..

Signing off. Auntie Carlene wants to say hello to Paul! See you all soon!


Angel said...

A pony ride...HOW FUN! That would be a GREAT way to see some country!! Sounds like there are lots of laughs and many memories being made! We will look forward to a recap upon your return. Dan & Schelby helped Jeff up at the cabin collecting some items. Was kind of scary, but now sounds like the fire has calmed a bit. We are having cooler temps at night, so hopefully that will help! I look forward to your next post! Till then...

Cheryl Fecko said...

Hi Kath! Great Adventures! And like you say you are seeing more of the country now, more than you would aganist a wall. Too bad about the bikes, maybe you could take ponies around Iceland-they might hold up against the wind better. I have been back and forth fishing a bit with Doug. He is trying to finish up his halibut quota-$4.70 per pound-great price. We are having a great stretch of nice weather in SE AK, so have been enjoying-no cherishing it-you know how rare it can be. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your trip. Are the Rolling Stones coming back this fall? Take care, Cheryl

Art said...

An alluring alliteration - there must be an "F" word for Iceland? (or, perhaps north)

Have FUN!

Anne said...

Sounds great!
Good to know that you are enjoying your trip, in spite of all difficulties and unexpected experiences to begin with!
I am sure you will have a special day at Lake Mývatn, Dimmuborgir, Námaskarð and maybe the Lagoon? And Dettifoss is powerful!
Looking forward to seing you in Reykjavik again!
Anne Marie

Lois Rhodes said...

Hi Kathy and all,

Now that all my company has left, I'll tell you the exciting news from Sitka. A small plane crashed into a house on Back Street(the street above Katlian St.). All 4 of the people in the plane were killed and the house completely destroyed. Fortunately, the owner of the house had just gone to Lane 7 for a milkshake, so she wasn't home at the time. It was a miracle that only one house was destroyed as there were propane tanks near-by. Only one propane tank exploded and the firemen kept the fire contained to the house where the plane crashed. It could have been so much worse. I knew the owner of the house, Tess. I had worked with her in the Alchol Program years ago. The people in the plane were from New Jersey. I'll send you the papers when you get back.

It looks and sounds like you are having a great time. The weather sounds a bit like Sitka. However, we've had over a week of good weather. It seemed like as soon as Riley and Hadley left, the weather improved.

Love, Mom

Karen Peterson said...

Hey girlfriends,
Your trip sounds so exciting and I can wait to hear more details when you return. Finally I'm done with my out of town committments and can focus on family. Our state is on fire, we cannot escape the smoke, so we stay indoors, lots of computer, art and socializning.
Godspeed to both of You.