Friday, July 6, 2007

Where to begin?...

So much has happened since my last entry I don't know even where to begin, so I'll just start typing...

Preparation for the Moore Family Weekend:

Jeff and I have been up to the lake every single weekend since mid may (minus the Memorial Weekend canoe trip) working to get the finishing touches on the camp. Together we stained the dock and picnic table, caulked the walls and repainted, replaced all the electrical switches and switch plates, painted the cupboards, refaced the cupboard doors, shop vacuumed the upstairs, stapled in and/or pulled out falling insulation, made curtains and curtain rods, hauled a bed, stove, dishwasher, bbq, two boats, rugs, plants, food, drinks, flowers, etc up to the lake to make things look just right for the weekend.

Keri's Baby Bump:
We went out on June 21st and took a few more portraits - this time we went to the McClay Flat put-in at about 8pm. We had a very interesting experience battling the mosquitoes as the sun was disappearing over the horizon. We were very happy with the results of the photoshoot though, so it was worth it, and I used one of these on the invitations for her baby shower that Danielle and I are putting on for her in a few weeks. What a beautiful Mama!

Training for Iceland:
Kathy and I continue to ride a couple times a week together (well, not last week). And I have been riding a few other days a week on my own, either up to the lake or around my loop I like to do from my house.

Mom and Aunt Carlene are still doing every other day whenever possible and from what I hear the weather is very rainy - very good training for Iceland?

Last night I was working on revising the gear list and on Monday Kathy and I are going to rig up what we have on the bikes that we have to find out what else we need to purchase and also to see if everything will fit!

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