Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Pup & Getting the cobwebs off the Harley

I just wanted to show you a couple pics of a puppy that Jeff and I are getting in August on my way back through Seattle from Iceland (Aug 19).

She is a black lab with a white star on her chest. We are getting her from Tank and Angela. Tank (Kirk) and Jeff were next door neighbors at the end of a cul de sac while growing up in Lynnwood, WA.

Jeff is not real excited about the idea of a puppy but I have somehow convinced him that we should get one. It took a lot of effort! Now, we are just trying to figure out how to keep her in our yard. Our backyard is currently not fenced. I have been calling around to get bids but they are all sky high! This one guy that I talked with (who also happened to have the lowest bid) I could tell he was a really honest man. I asked him about "invisible fencing" and he said that he recommended it. He said "Not to take away from the type of business I do - but I have a friend who has this and it works great, expecially for young dogs who learn it as a puppy."

I'm not sure what we will end up doing but we'll be ready for her when she gets here. I'm dying for some more pictures of her. Angela said that she would take some more of her and send them soon.

This past Sunday Jeff and I did a race of sorts. We got back from the lake around 11am, then we went on super fast motorcycle ride up to Polson and back, then we golfed 9 holes. I know, I know, golfing is not my favorite sport but I wanted to go with Jeff since he hasn't gotten very much practice in and he has a tournament coming up on the I suggested we go.

Sunday Morning on the dock at Big Sky Lake (BSL)

This is the view of the Missions as we rode by!

I bet I missed the ball on this one. That was my only goal and most of the night I succeeded at contact with the ball - but in most cases it only went about 20-30 feet. I totally suck at golf! I'm way better at mini-golf.


Art said...

What a cutie pie! Prepare the carpets!

I know, I'm spending $1500 on fencing now and I already share some fence.

Decent form, but bent arm (left one). I have found a straight left arm to be the most important element in golf.

Unknown said...

Aren't puppies the best! We REALLY love our new puppy, Colter. However, I had forgotten how much work they are. It's like having a toddler in the house. Anyway, enjoy her to the fullest. Oh yes, I love the name!!!

Ebeth said...

Art - you are so cruel! What do you mean "prepare the carpets!" I don't like the sounds of that! Eeeeeek!

Tammi - I can use all the advice I can get - so keep it comin'!