Monday, July 9, 2007

Moore Family Weekend

Last weekend (June 28, 29 and 30th) the Moore side of the family gathered to commemorate Lee & Diane's 50th wedding anniversary.

Last weekend was such a blast! Here is a little slideshow of the fun we had. Unfortunately since there were so many images - something got messed up at the end.

I can't express how much fun we had with everyone that weekend, and it was so relaxing to sit back and not be patching the walls, or the plumbing, or trying to get rid of squirrels for a change.

I had an especially great time with the nieces and nephews! All 6 of them. I think Drew (17 yrs) is about 2 feet taller than he was the last time I saw him. Kelli told me that he wanted to stay home, but that he was pleasantly surprised at how much fun he had on the trip. He even slept out on the dock with us (Jeff, Kylie, Jake, Evan and Me) that first night.

Kylie (15 yrs) caught her first fish! Thank goodness we had wireless internet up there - she was able to keep in touch with friends while she was relaxing with the family at the lake. She is becoming such a young lady!

Jake (13 yrs) is such an amazing little guy. He loved getting up close to all the wildlife on the lake. The first day he picked up a turtle and put it too close to his face for a close look and his lip got chomped! That little turtle drew blood. Anyway, he also helped me to get some of these macro shots on the 4th of July.

Evan (10 yrs) totally found his stride in my racing kayak! He loved that thing! And he could really cruise in it, too! He also happened to catch his first fish right off the dock, too!

Kaitlin (8 yrs - on the 12th of July) was also a kayak guru by the end of the week. That girl could paddle her little heart out....she's so strong! I think I can convince her (in future years) to race with her 'ol Aunt Elizabeth! She'd be a strong paddler!

Conner (4 1/2) kept all of us in stitches all weekend long. He is such a neat little kid. He caught the first fish out of the lake (and it was his very first fish, too!) for the weekend.

We ended up eating the three trout for dinner on Sunday night! They were delicious!

Jeff and I came back up to the lake on July 3rd to join the Brian Moore family again, and the next morning Jeff, Jake, Evan and I snuck off in the kayaks for an early morning stroll. It was a beautiful glassy lake.

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