Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iceland or BUST!

(no particular reason for this song - just that I was searching for a song by Martin Sexton today called Bye Bye Black Sheep, and, instead, I found this one. I like it a lot!)

Well, there are officially 18 more days until we leave for Iceland! I hope that is enough time to get together everything that I need before then. I'm still looking for a front set of panniers, and a double bike box..... I'm sure everything will fall together but I need to get it figured out in the next couple days.

I've been biking/or/hiking in the mornings in order to escape the HEAT of the afternoons here in Missoula! It is insane - supposed to be 102 tomorrow!

Mom - this is most likely the bike that you will be using for the trip! It is a Cannondale that I borrowed from my friend Susan.

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