Thursday, July 26, 2007

Iceland Countdown - 4 Days!

I have been so crazy this week - I haven't been able to write all the things I would like to. But I'm very happy with the fact that I have everything packed. I pulled off an amazing feat the other night, too....

By some miracle, I fit four bikes, eight wheels (two were trailer wheels), four seats/posts, four racks, two helmets, four fenders and four pedals into two single bike boxes. It was sort of a cool puzzle...

Lets see what else has been going on?

I helped put on a baby shower for our friend Keri last weekend. Here are some photos of the day. She is due on August 26th and I'm hoping that their baby boy will cooperate and not come out of hiding until I get back from the trip....but nature has a certain way of knowing when the time is right.

Sunday night we had a BBQ over at the Bordners' house across the street. They put their house on the market a few weeks ago, and I think, since then, Jeff and I have really started to realize what we will miss about them living so close. There are very few friends that you can live across the street from and continue to be closer friends over the years. In the nearly four years they have lived there we have seen the comings/goings of the family. We welcomed Schelby back to Montana to live with them and seen her excel at her favorite sports including basketball...watched her as she learned how to drive and get her license....many many times driving down our driveway just to practice backing and turning around again in "Brown Betty" (the old truck she learned in). We watched a tiny Kayla turn into quite a young lady over these years. She is still shy and has the gift of a great sense of humor, but is now entering Highschool! It is unbelieveable. Then there is Wilson! We saw Angel through the pregnancy to have this little one, and now even he is growing up too fast! It wasn't that long ago he was a little lump of entertainment on the kitchen table after we were finished with he is running around and getting a personality of his own! It is not just the Bordner's that live across the street who have welcomed us in like family. Margaret and Bill (Dan's folks) and Angel's mother Kathy have also made us feel at home. I just can't say enough about this very special family who has made quite an impression on us. I have a feeling that the tradition of getting together will continue no matter where we live.

Hmmmmm, what else can I tell you? I have been very busy with work, and, as always happens when you are leaving town (the country!), business picks up. Right now as I write this - I have tons of files loading onto the web. Since I have to wait until it loads I figured I'd write an entry...

Oh - how could I forget! I shopped for our puppy today! Keri lent me her dog crate that Jack (her beagle who passed away in 2004) used. It is a lot smaller than some of these other ones that I was considering and that is good, since I'll have a bike box in our vehicle on the way home. Thanks, Keri! It is perfect! I bought food and water dishes, a collar, a leash, and got an engraved tag with our last name and phone number on name yet, since we're not sure of her name just yet. I'm still trying to beg some pictures from the Walden's but I haven't received anything lately.

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