Tuesday, July 31, 2007

finagling and schmoozing our way to Iceland

We are currently in the London airport waiting for our Icelandair flight into Reykjavik. I am typing on this metal keyboard and it is very strange to say the least!

We got out of Msla 2 hrs late and by some stroke of luck our british Airways flight was delayed in Seattle. We were told we would never make it wbut we ran so fast our lungs started to burn....and we made it. We arrived at the gate feeling dejected......and then saw the ticket agent - we must ahve won her heart because we ended up getting bumped up to Biz Class for the transcontinental/transatlantic flight. There we celebrated with some wine. We wish we could post the pics - but we will later.

When we first arrived in London two pieces of our luggage didn't make it and we sat at the baggage 're'claim area for two hours...in hopes that they would arrive. We continued on our journey with the bike boxes only, and were paged later that the other two were found. Luck was with us again. Then they told us the bike boxes wouldn't be able to go through the security for Icelandair since the scanner is smaller and they do not hand scan things. But once again, after wrangling our boxes (ourselves) onto the conveyor belt, we made it fit (barely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Due to arrive in Iceland at 11:10 tonight. Where we will take a bus into a hostel (www.guesthouse.is) at about midnight after getting thru Iceland customs. We think that we will collapse when we get there....but our spirits are high!

more later....but you just wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get bike boxes (especially ones that don't roll so well) around the airport and also to get them checked in.

We have been getting many strange looks from folks, and their best guess is that we are hauling around dead bodies. Only one person guessed right, so far. Jeff and John, you would be absolutely M.O.R.T.I.F.I.E.D. if you were with us right now...absolutely mortified....especially since we are recording (video and pics) the whole affair.

70 degrees and wonderful night in London tonight.

good night from across the world!



Art said...

I'm sooo jealous! Been there, done that with bike boxes. It is a special kind of hell especially reserved for vacations. That is, for people who enjoy suffering on vacation. I can only imagine.

Sounds awesome, don't know if you'll ever read this while away, but have fun.

Ebeth said...

you dont´even understand the half of it...I can´t wait to write more....

Angel said...

Can't wait to hear more!!!