Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Squirrels, plumbing problems, and unfinished projects

Seems like we made a lot of progress - but LOTS went wrong, too!

Jeff headed up to the lake on Friday night without me - but although I was not up at the lake with him - he HAD COMPANY! Some squirrels found refuge in the cabin! A mama and her babes were hiding out under the wood stove and he tried to get them out everywhichway...luring them with peanuts trying to catch them with a fishing net - I would have paid to see this whole cat-and-mouse (I, mean, man and squirrel) routine! When I got up there on Sat I also discovered another squirrel in the eaves upstairs (she may also have little ones in there)! I'm thinking it is all out war! We need to get some live traps and after the nesting season these guys need to get evicted!! Come on friends, find your own house!

On Saturday I treated the birthday girl - Keri - to breakfast and then we did a little pregnancy photo-shoot in the Rattlesnake. Here are my favorite shots from the outing:

I realized right away that I wasn't crazy about the harsh lighting conditions and Keri promised that we could make atleast one more attempt at some nice portraits in some warmer evening light.

I rode my bike up to the lake again today and it was perfect timing - since when I got to the cow - I called Jeff and by the time he came and got me about 4 miles down 83, it had started to sprinkle ... then...a downpour.

We had to go into Seeley Lake for some different screws, and some other plumbing items at Roveros. We attempted to find a 'live' squirrel trap...but they were sold out! Isn't that curious!

Jeff hooked up the dishwasher this past weekend:

Jeff and I found that there were more broken pipes for the washing machine and we decided that we would just deal with it later in the summer. We were hoping to get it running before the big Moore Weekend (Coming up in two weeks) but it just isn't going to happen.

This is one of the squirrels that I caught coming into the house from the roof...

Here are some pictures that I got from Frank today. This is Jack Gardiner Smith, the newest member of the Smith family...and also a picture of me and all of Frank & Katie's kids - Jack, Anna and Addison. Addison was in a bad mood :0(

Here are also some pics from one of last week's rides with Kathy:
It was a great ride - I have been taking 40 lbs due to the recent heat and the load is also much more balanced.

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