Monday, June 11, 2007

Cupboards at the Lake - Lighter and Brighter

On Friday I biked up to the cow (Stoneys on Highway 200) from Missoula (roughly 50 miles) and Jeff picked me up just as I was taking the first couple of licks of my ice cream cone from the store. I don't like riding on highway 83 or the camp road since there is no shoulder and the camproad is gravel (not great on road tires).

Anyway, as soon as we got to the lake on Friday night Jeff started putting the hinges back on the cupboards and I made dinner...

We got so much done this weekend it feels great! We are really working hard for the last weekend of this month when Jeff's side of the family comes in for a special 50th wedding anniversary family reunion weekend...

On Saturday night we met some friends in Seeley Lake for dinner and when we got back we worked a little more but quit at about 10pm for a evening canoe ride on the lake. We checked out a couple of the new floating docks and went over near the creek where the trout spawn and saw a heron fly and land on the top of a tree nearby....waiting for dinner, I guess. This is a terrible picture since it was on zoom....but you can get the idea.

This is a view of our place.


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