Thursday, May 10, 2007

What would YOU do for a popsicle?

Kathy and I biked down to Florence and back last night (37 miles). It was really funny .....there is this section - that I am calling the gauntlet... between Missoula and Lolo on 93. There is a small shoulder for a little over a mile with lots of traffic going by at high speeds on a curvy section. Kathy said that her palms were sweaty and her blood pressure rose during this section. I had on a bright florescent green vest - so I felt we were more safe and prepared than I usually feel in this kind of riding situation..... I would just warn Kathy when an 18-wheeler was coming so that she could prepare for the crazy draft they create...since I was wearing a mirror.

When we got to Florence we got a popsicle and a couple Powerades each and rode back. It was just what we needed - since it was 78 degrees on the way down.

I just got back from Mt Sentinel this morning. I went with Sonny and Lucy. My friend Lisa didn't join us this morning - but I'll be going up twice tomorrow again (like last Friday) once with her and once with Kathy.

Here are some pics that I took this morning. I told you that I would bring my camera sometime - and I finally did - but the only new flower we saw was the start of yarrow on the mountainside. More arrowleaf balsamroot, woodland stars and tons of larkspur....among other beauties.

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