Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Work at home

We turned the garden over in the back yard this weekend (Saturday). We were originally planning for it to be a vegetable garden, then last year - we thought maybe we would landscape it - NOW we are back to the idea of a veggie garden. I can't wait to start shopping for seeds and starts and get them in the dirt. I took out a bunch of tulips that I'm sending to Genevieve this week.

We attended the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Dinner Saturday night and we had a lot of fun with some old friends and some new ones. Jeff won two rifles...that sounds really weird, for some reason.....seems kind of strange that you can win a gun. He is very excited about it for his hunting season though.

On Sunday I primed the cupboards at the lake, and Jeff pressure washed the dock.

The light color on the cupboards made such a big difference in brightening the place up. We still haven't decided on the final color but I would like to see if I can distress it a little by using some sandpaper and sanding down to the dark brown layer.

The curtain color that I picked out (the Yellow ones) looked TERRIBLE in the living room. I can't put my finger on why it looked so bad - but it just did. So, we decided to get a different color - like a stone or white. That will look much better. I really wanted to have color in there - but with the existing mismatch of all the furniture it isn't going to work. We'll see what the white linen weekend...

I'm looking forward to a road ride after dinner tonight.

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