Friday, May 4, 2007

Two trips up Sentinel this morning

I don't think I will ever head up Sentinel without eating something next time. Yesterday I was supposed to climb the mtn with my friend Lisa, but it was raining cats and dogs and very we rescheduled for today. I already had a plan to go with Kathy at 8am (since it is Friday I figured I didn't need to be super worried about keeping office hours) Lisa and I met at 6:15, and then I climbed up again at 8 with Kathy.

I was so thirsty the first trip up since I am still not over this cough and I'm hacking up a lung breathing in that cold air on the snow covered top of the mtn.

The second time I went up all I could think of was food! I feel great now, though.

Ahhh - TGIF!

Have a great weekend!

Oh - by the way I saw the start of lupine, and also those flowers that look like mini beargrass flowers (can't remember the name), and there is another one that I can't remember the name either! I'm missing my wildflower book and I can't find it anywhere! I hope I find it is the Craighead-Craighead Montana Wildflower book. It's the best!

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