Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Surprise! Something grew!! Whadayaknow!

We got back from the Smith River fully expecting to find weeds more than anything in our newly planted garden....but even before we got unpacked I rush into the backyard to see what there was to see -> -> To my surprise - the radishes had sprouted up and also two types of lettuce! There actually are very few weeds to pull.

I went on a lovely 2 hour mtb ride up Blue Mtn with Todd tonight - I got a flat about a 1/2 mile from the trailhead so I ran with it to the car. I noticed that the wild hyacinth is blooming along the trail and the balsamroot is dying out for the year.

Another very cool bit of news that we heard this week is that our friends' (Tank and Angela) lab Ebony had some pups last Thursday. I am still working on Jeff to agree to get one of them. Ebony had 14 pups in total. 3 yellow males, 10 black females, and 1 black male. The black male didn't make it - so she is busy with 13. I want to get one of the black females. Angela and Alisa have picked one out for me already....I'm so excited - and I just wish that Jeff could be... I still have time...they are less than a week old.

Jeff is still working at the office working late, and that is what I'm supposed to be doing - (stuffing envelopes for a mass mailing). So, I'd better get back to work.

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