Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spring Inspiration!

I got some fabric today and have a plan for the camp....we still need to update this 70s style interior. I decided to be daring and get something with some color (different from the neutral/natural colors I usually gravitate towards). I am making tab top curtains with this material and I think that I will attach something natural to the ends of the wooden rods that I use....I sort of draped this material over the door and used a pine cone as an example but I may use rocks, branches with colorful green moss, or hey, I may use pine cones. I'm just not sure, yet. Now, I just have to break out the sewing machine. We didn't get along the last time I used kept gumming up under where the bottom thread comes out of the machine. It was a mess....the week before Christmas last year and I was trying to make Anna and William (niece and nephew) each a blanket, and Jack (another nephew) a Christmas Stocking.....alas the sewing machine did not cooperate. So, I had to use my friend Margaret's for the project.

On another note - last night my friend Kathy and I went on a road ride....just something short to start out with (just under 20 miles), since Kathy is not a biker (yet).....Yet, is the key word here, she will be a pro by the time we head to Iceland in August!!! I can guarantee that! She is one tough lady and she' s super fit - The very first time I went on a road ride I was terrified about all the traffic I was supposed to share the road with! Eeek! Anyway, she did great - She said at the end of the ride she almost ran into two cars (not the other way around) on a turn onto Spurgin Rd...But she pulled it off like a pro!!! We took this picture when we got back from the ride to send to Mom and Auntie Carlene (the other two Iceland Adventurers) so that they could get a little inspiration for their many hours/days of training together in Houlton!

I also went to join my Bookclub Honeys at Jennifer Miller's house tonight. Here is who showed up! This is Jennifer and her cutie pie daughter Cora!...on the couch is Deidad, Gudren and Monica!

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