Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Smith River Trip - Memorial Weekend 2007! The gear is dried out and we are ready to go again!!

I am going to write about my experience - but I just wanted to post these real quick - until I get a chance - maybe tomorrow. The trip was just as amazing as the last one that we took 7 years ago. Great company, wonderful scenery, well-behaved Montana weather (for the most part) and plenty of great times...and stories to share.

Can you tell which boat is ours? When we bought this boat last year I got some lettering and put "SMITH" on one side since that is what Dad put on our canoe when we were kids. The other side says "MOORE" for the many trips we will do over the coming years together...

This is Jeff on the last night on the river at Lower Givens boat camp. Doesn't he look cute? The longer we stay on the river - the more handsome he gets....I love the Rough-River-Man look, complete with camo jacket.

Holli and her boyfriend Jeff Cohen get the award for traveling the farthest distance for this trip (from Portland OR). Holli and I go way back....she and I have been friends for a long long time....It was wonderful to get a chance to get some quality time with her before we got on the river. Thursday she and Jeff and I left Missoula before everyone else to get in line at the put in (Camp Baker). It is a first-come, first-served kind of a deal with the campsites on the river...and I wanted to make sure that we were one of the first. We ended up third in line - out of eight parties.

OK - this was the start of a hellish night in the NEMO tent. It is obviously not made for rain of any sort (it is an ultralite tent with no fly - and was used in the desert at Primal Quest last year) - and the next morning we woke up with snow falling on the tent. Jeff was so nice not to give me a hard time - but I didn't get any sleep that night (I have no idea what I could be smiling about in this photo).

Beautiful views on the Smith River.

I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful things there were to photograph on this trip (I mean, besides my friends). I took tons of macro shots! Erick spotted this colorful butterfly on some balsamroot on our way back from a hike in a meadow near our campsite on night two (Upper Fraunhoffer)

The toilets were just as I remembered. They are toilets with no walls around them. A bathroom with a view!!

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