Friday, May 11, 2007

My Outdoor Playground

I wanted to tell you about my ride on Blue Mtn Last night! It was so wonderful! I didn't run into any other bikers, or hikers for that matter. I think the lightning and thunder scared them away. I originally wanted to check out the new mtb trail on Sentinel last night - but decided to ride from home over to my neighborhood wilderness instead.

While on my ride I started to think about how perfect nature is with the unplanned smattering of sunflowers beneath a tall tall ponderosa pine, or the unintended line of pine cones gathered in the trail (which are kind of a pain in the butt while you are riding this time of year, to be honest)... There is just so much about what I saw that reminds me that there is another world out there beyond our doors that is so fun to discover!
This morning I heard a story on NPR and according to the story I'm what you might call a Phenologist! Phenology is the ancient art of tracking annual phenomena such as plant blooms and bird migrations.
I came down a trail that is used heavily by dirt bikers and it was sort of a rollercoastery ride allllllllll the waaaaaaaaaaay dooooooooowwwwwwn! YEY! How exhilarating!!

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