Monday, April 30, 2007

Why I live here....

Tonight I went on my first run up Blue Mtn since getting back from my ten day trip to Maine. I feel like I missed so much! I saw 7 wildflowers that have bloomed since I was gone. Pasqueflower, yellowbells, shooting stars, woodland stars, arrowleaf balsomroot, biscuit root, blue bells and buttercups (these were blooming before I left). I think there was one more - but I can't remember what it was.... I'll have to bring my camera next time to show you how amazing it is to see all these along the trail! Oh- I remembered what it was - sunflowers (they are about to pop!). The mountains are greening up and it is starting to really feel like summer around here.

What a wonderful run! It was an easy 5-6 miler but it was so nice to be back in the mtns. I plan on going again tomorrow night.

I would like to eventually get back into my normal routine of running in the morning and mtb or road biking in the evening. I still have laryngitis from last weekend - so when I run my throat feels SO dry. I need to work my way back into it.

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Art said...

Wow, I'd think that you would be behind us in the wildflower department, but, so far, I've only seen pasque flower. The snow is just leaving and they're always the first.

Heard you saw Tim. Hope the trip was great!