Sunday, April 29, 2007

The larch balls had babies while I was away!

Just kidding - but Jeff did find a couple more larch balls at the lake the weekend I was gone to Maine. They were golf ball sized ones.

We had a great time up at the lake this weekend. Jeff picked me up at the airport on Satruday afternoon and we went directly to Big Sky Lake. We identified the bird that has been pecking away at the siding of the house. It is a red-breasted nut hatch. We used this funky 70s style wall board to cover the holes completely.

We went to the Double Arrow for a great dinner with Lori, Bill and Kristin.

I got up early this morning since I am still on Eastern Time and measured all the windows in the place in order to make some curtains (possibly out of linen). We also decided that we should definitely paint the cupboards to lighten the place up even more. The cupboards are currently a dark brown.

I brought one of the seats on the chair home with me too, in order to switch out the material to be something more our style. Right now it is a rosy color. Genevieve and Katie sure inspired me to sew while I was home. I haven't used my sewing machine since last Christmas while making a blanket for Anna and a blanket for William. I was also supposed to make a Christmas stocking for Jack (the new addition), but I gave up when the thread kept gumming up on the bottom of the material. It was so frustrating that I had to put it away.

Today we also put the boat in and Jeff and I went around the lake in search of more larch no avail. I think we may have the only spot on the whole lake that has the ability to make them. We are guessing that it requires a sloped shoreline....we have a spot that used to be a boat launch but there is no longer an easement for folks to use. It was never really used since it was too steep....usually people just use the main one near the caretakers cabin.

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Art said...

You should put up a little nuthatch house - nuthatch, cheekedees, and wrens all nest in the same style house. They don't like an "entry step" just the hole. It might be too late, but worth a try.