Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Bicycle Trip to Iceland Is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, its official! Mom, and my friend Kathy (Brauer) and I are going to Iceland in August! I can't believe this dream I have had for so long is finally coming to fruition. And it is coming together as an even better trip than I had imagined!

When Mom was out here in October we discussed the possibility - but I really wasn't sure that we would actually go through with it. I asked her a couple weeks ago since I found out we (Kathy and I) could get a frequent flyer ticket for most of the trip. Anyway, she said to "sign her up!"

Our plan is to do a bicycle trip around as much of the country as we can in two weeks. I think we have only 12 days of biking so we may have to hop a bus for part of it. The journey around circle road is 900 or so miles. If we were going to make it the whole way we would have to bike 75 miles a day. That is not going to happen for this trip. And it doesn't sadden me at all - since I'm sure I'll make it back there again to do a speedy trip around on my own - this trip will be interesting since Mom and Kathy are not bikers. But I can assure them one thing - they will be after this trip! hee heee!

I'm bummed about one thing - I will miss Jeff's birthday while I'm away.

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