Sunday, January 28, 2007

It has been 3 years today...

I wanted to mark this day in remembrance to Dad by walking up to his Ponderosas on the top of Sentinel like I have in the past.....but I popped in a home video that he and Mom had made for me 10 years ago when I first moved out here....and they were just moving out to the farm. I became entranced and ended up watching it for every detail and manerism that I miss seeing in Dad....and the way that Mom was so happy to be there with him. I know that things look different from the outside - but from this daughter's perspective, I feel that Mom and Dad were stars in a feature film about their lives together (and with their family)... and nothing else mattered.

This video captured a 20 year old Frank on his birthday, David with his then girlfriend (Katie) slipping in and out of the house, Genevieve and Rusty (her then boyfriend) home for Thanksgiving, etc. It was awesome!

I had pulled out this same video right after I got back from being with Mom after Dad died trying to hang on to his voice and his image....but I couldn't get through the whole thing since it was too fresh. This time I felt like they were right in my living room with me. It felt good to sit there and cry and laugh out loud all at the same time.

Jeff was away for the day up at the lake with our friends Matt, Dan, Kraig, Patrick and Wilson ice fishing. When he got back he wanted to watch the video, too. So, we watched it again. And we watched one more, too. It is a video that is one of the most valuble things I posess....It is simply a video of Mom and Dad making dinner and eating together at the table. Mom just set the camera up at the edge of the room and pointed it at them as they ate their meal and cleaned up afterwards. It was priceless. At one point Dad calls Mom "WOMAN" and Mom gets really mad at him. It is halarious.

It ended up being the best way to mark this day.

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