Thursday, January 25, 2007

I proudly poached it! NO! Not an animal, Silly!... A Trail on Sentinel!

It was just Sonny, Lucy and I heading up the mountain this morning...

Upon talking with my friend Erik's friend Colin last night I decided to poach the "suicide" trail this morning. It felt so good to go straight up the mountain instead of the round about way you are supposed to go (Angle Road). It had been almost a year since I used it so I didn't feel THAT bad. Plus the trail was good and frozen at 6:30 am! we left no evidence.

As we neared the top we spooked a few deer... They scampered away ~ sillohuetted against the blueish, yet still starry sky in the north.... To the east there was little glow of the sun rising .....and looking way way down and to the west - was my Missoula - completely covered in what looked sort of like light-neon-colored cotton candy this morning (because of the fog). Then I realized that Dad was there with me. I gave trees each an extra big hug this morning. It was a magical morning. I also realized that this little cairn that I had made last time - right next to Dad's trees - was still there, undisturbed.

I drew in one long deep breath and ran all the way down (this time I took the long way). It was wonderful!

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