Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Plumbers

For my brothers ~ plumbing is in their genes. They are fifth generation plumbers in a 125 year Smith family tradition.

Smith Bros. Plumbing & Heating was founded in 1882 by Addison Smith (our great great grandfather) and his brother Frank...in Houlton, Maine.

These last couple times I have been home in Maine I found them on their respective jobsites. Frank is running Smith Bros. and David is currently working for a commercial plumbing company based in Portland called Johnson & Jordan.

I am so proud of them and think that it is pretty exceptional that they are carrying on such a long running family tradition. Some days I wish I was a plumber, too...

Here is another image that our family loves. It is "The Plumbers" by Norman Rockwell. Dad had a print of this hanging in his shop for a while. It reminds us of Dad and Louie (a man that worked for him for a long time while we were growing up)...

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