Monday, December 18, 2006

Another candle.....another year.

It is so crazy that I'm 33 years old today! It sounds so old! Genevieve and I were talking about this the other day - probably since she turned 34 six days ago on December 12th. Where did all the years go!?
Genevieve said that she feels like she is 28, and I feel like I'm we're thinking that these might be our "actual" ages. hee he!

I remember when I was growing up I wished my birthday wasn't so close to Christmas...If someone in my family forgot it was my birthday they would just steal a gift from under the Christmas tree and claim it was my "birthday" gift. Then there was always the "combo" gift. I always thought that was a big gyp, too.
In college my birthday always fell during finals week - so the only way to celebrate was getting some sleep after all the long hours of studying!

Now, at 33, It is difficult to believe that I have been out here in Montana for 10 years! I am very thankful for this LIFE I have been blessed with. I realize with the speeding up of each year of our busying lives, that it is important to celebrate and reflect! That is why I intend to take a nice long luxurious bath before Jeff and I go out to his work Christmas party tonight.

I started my birthday off right with a sunrise hike/breakfast with Lisa, Ana, Nuna and Sonny and a wonderful lunch/talk with Keri!

These are just some funny pictures of two birthdays that I had scanned in a while ago (2 years old & 14 years old). Plus a photo of Genevieve and I decorating the Christmas tree one year. I'm the one with the big diaper butt!

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