Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It seems each Thanksgiving I have more and more to be thankful for. I am thankful for a close knit family, a loving husband, the health of those I love, wonderful friends and a peaceful heart, to name a few.

This year we went to Maine for Thanksgiving. Seems like we have been over to Maine a lot over the past few months...but it meant alot to be there at Thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family. This year there were several that weren't there that were sorely missed; Genevieve and Frank and their families, the Scottons, Sarah and her family, and the Bell Family. Gram made her famous sticky buns, David did his traditional Thanksgiving prayer before dinner, and the Beaudoin kids made these sweet place cards that looked like turkeys made out of oak leaves with our names on it. We welcomed two new members to our family this year - Sharon (Manny) Romanelli (Jamieson's new wife), and Jack Gardiner Smith (Frank and Katie's new son).

A highlight was catching up with relatives and also Mom brought along a great cd with some great fiddle tunes on it....perfect dancing music! So, equipped with some made-up dance moves that we had figured out earlier at home, we got a few dancers out there on the dance floor to learn our off-the-cuff "Contra Dancing" technique! It was so halarious! It was fun to dance a little and laugh a lot! I keep hearing lately that laughter is SO GOOD FOR YOU - well, if it is I'm sure we are all fit as fiddles, now! hee he! I have an image etched in my memory forever - we didn't have enough women dancing so at one point Uncle Paul danced with Uncle Mark and then with Jeff! I was tearing up I was laughing so hard.

The Friday night after Thanksgiving we had a bonfire. The burn pile Mom accumulated was two years worth of stuff! I had fun getting some really neat shots of people silhouetted against the fire.

The above photo is where we call "home" in Houlton. This is the farm "Up On B".

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